International Sheet Metal Show in Southern China
 Sheet Metal, semi-finished and finished products  Handing Technology
sheet/plate/strip metal feeding and discharging (Coil)
surface treated/plastic coated/plated sheet and coil handing and part removal
semi-finished products
(incl. punched sheet, expanded metal)
workpiece fixing
sections/tubes intermediate storage
sheet metal parts/finished products tool handling
sub-contractors assembly technology
 Separation technology  Forming Technology
separation equipment, general presses, general
shears and cutting machines pressure forming
cutting to length/trimming tensile forming
sawing equipment straightening, forming, bending
other separation processes edge forming
punching, notching, blanking, stamping internal high pressure forming
notching, perforating hot forming/press hardening
specialised presses for punching/notching/stamping  
 Flexible sheet metal working technology  Tube/section working
blanking incl. workpiece/tool handling tube/section cutting and trimming (incl. punching/stamping)
bending and folding incl. workpiece/tool handing tube/section forming (incl. bending and CNC equipment)
joining incl. workpiece/tool handing tube/section end forming and deburring
integrated sheet metal working incl. workpiece/tool handing tube/section measuring systems
  other tube/section working
 Processing of sheet metal/plastic hybrid structures  Machine elements and components
production lines and peripheral equipment components for sheet metal/plate working machines
preliminary and semi-finished products  
hybrid components  
 Joining and fastening technology  Tool technology for sheet metal/plate working
joining by forming/staking/clinching separation tools
joining with fasteners, fastening elements pressure forming tools
welding and soldering drawing tools
resistance welding equipment bending/forming tools
friction and flow welding hot forming/press hardening tools
welding robots staking/clinching tools
accessories for welding/soldering/plasma equipment (incl. robots) tool sets
bonding other tools
  tool accessories, components
  tool handing/treatment
 Surface Technology  Process control and quality assurance
surface treatment, general controlling/regulating/measuring equipment
surface treatment, chemical marking/reading equipment, materials tracking
surface treatment, electrochemical/electrolytical testing/inspection equipment
surface treatment, mechanical  
 Data processing (hard - and software)  Services, information and communication
data processing, general service and information
Factory and warehouse equipment, safety at work, environment protection  
factory/warehouse equipment, general  
transportation equipment for sheet metal and sheet metal parts  
workshop equipment  
work place/body protection  
environmental technology, recycling  


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